Marabu 1985

In November 1981, Manu Dibango and his orchestra visited Angola for a series of performances. The film shows the interaction with Angolan musicians.

Meus Irmãos Cokwes 1991

The rich Cokwé culture, (an ethno-linguistic group from eastern Angola) its traditions and habits seen through the eyes of artists.

Quiet Title 2015

When we lived in the house it was surrounded by forest, with a long unpaved driveway leading through the woods to the school bus stop. Growing up, my sisters and I heard voices, saw lights and dreamed of other beings. My mother and I shared a recurring dream of strangers on the driveway, where stonewalls marked the old main road through town. Our dreams and our memories converged into one experience, the experience of living in a haunted house. After the sale of the property in 2001, my recurring dreams returned and the question emerged - were we the ones now haunting the house? When I ask my father about the past, he answers with the Theory of Relativity, the Laws of Thermodynamics, and the speed of light. He dreams of being on a distant star, with a telescope powerful enough to show him how things used to be. Just as we perceive the moon, as it was 1.2 seconds ago and the sun, as it existed 8 minutes ago, great distances allow us an opportunity to look back in time.

The Jazz Ambassadors 2018

The Cold War and Civil Rights collide in this remarkable story of music, diplomacy and race. Beginning in 1955, when America asked its greatest jazz artists to travel the world as cultural ambassadors, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington and their mixed-race band members, faced a painful dilemma: how could they represent a country that still practiced Jim Crow segregation?

PROGRESS Chapter 66: Mardi Graps 2018

Chapter 66: Mardi Graps Show date: 6th April 2018 Grizzled Young Veterans (c) vs Moustache Mountain - PROGRESS World Tag Team Titles Match, if Moustache Mountain lose they cannot challenge again for 6 months Mark Haskins vs Will Ospreay Ringkampf vs David Starr and ??? Austin Theory vs Joey Janela vs Darby Allin vs MJF vs Chris Brookes vs Jeff Cobb vs Parrow vs Rickey Shane Page - Thunderbastard Match Jinny & Mercedes Martinez vs Toni Storm & Shazza McKenzie Matt Riddle vs Jimmy Havoc Pete Dunne vs Mark Andrews vs Flash Morgan Webster Travis Banks (c) vs Shane Strickland - PROGRESS World Title Match

Shang' Ajia 2017

The film portrays two Lisu brothers aged 10 and 17 living in the Biluo Mountain where Nujiang River passes. After their father died, their mother remarried and settled at the foot of the mountain, leaving the boys to her mother and brother. There is no school on the mountain and kids spend their time shouldering the family chores. Even with the misfortune and hardship, simple happiness is never far from their life.