The Grass Tombs 1977

So-dol, serving a prison sentence after being accused of murdering his friend, gets a 7 day leave from the prison when his mother dies. As soon as he and the guard assigned to him arrive in the village, strange events begin to occur. A 5-year old corpse is discovered floating in the harbor and the entire seaweed harvest spoils. So-dal's guard begins an investigation and find that the supernatural is very real in this remote island.

Chilling 1974

A man who was abused as a child by his community returns there to take revenge.

Children of the Lake

Joanne and Nick, are a smart young couple making their way in the world. She talks to the dead, while he collects valuables. They do it once too often and now they're on the run. They head into the mountains, night falls and their car breaks down, so they continue on foot. Not far away they discover a deserted house at the side of a hidden lake where they take shelter for the night, but the house is not empty. They find an eccentric woman, Queenie, and a younger companion, Naiad living there. The young couple soon find that they're not in control. Joanne thought she'd been faking her psychic powers, she now finds they're real, and someone, or something has plans for using them. They experience supernatural happenings, and it becomes clear that Queenie and Naiad are fighting over the newcomers in a power struggle of their own. It's the longest forty-eight hours of their lives and they're all wrong about how it will end.

Girlfriends 1993

A lesbian couple support themselves by picking up guys with money and blowing them away. They yearn for a more normal life, so they vow to get out of the murder/theft business and live off welfare money and turning tricks. They decide to have a baby, so they get a donor, but they find that it's not as easy as they thought to get past their former lifestyle.

Night of Vampyrmania 1993

An anthology of two tales with a third interwoven between them. Red Christmas has a vampire dressed as Santa invade a home on Christmas Eve to feast on the blood of the guests. Taxi From Hell has the head of the vampires driving around in his cab picking up stray victims to feed his clan. And the third interwoven tale The Last Sons of Dracula, follows a priest in his urgent task of ridding the world, or at least France, of the vampire scourge.


A twisted story about a sadistic psychopath living his life according to his rules and understandings. He doesn't show any pity for society or man. He acts through the basic instincts of his animalistic nature.

The Chaperone 1974

Extremely rare roughie in the vein of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. A group of young hippies go camping accompanied by an uptight, sexually repressed, middle-aged chaperone. The chaperone is envious of the youngster's liberated ways and doesn't trust one of the young men. Then the group is plagued by a series of vicious knife murders. Directed by Israeli-born Jourdan Alexander (as "Jaacov Jaavoci") and written by Svetlana, both of whom would make a name for themselves in hardcore porn, this one's nearly impossible to track down nowadays. The only known home video release occurred in Australia on the King of Video / Video Budget label and their release is reduced down to just 70 minutes from the original 87.

The Slaughter 1971

A famous movie star filming on location in Buenos Aires becomes involved with a Manson-like cult. Years after this flopped at the box office, it was purchased by Michael Findlay and became the backbone for the notorious film Snuff (1975).

Don't Look

In the tradition of classic horror movies, "Don't Look" is the story of five friends who leave NYC for a weekend they'll never forget.

A Deusa de Mármore 1978

A 2000-year-old woman has a pact with the devil to preserve her youth. She must extract the essence of life from the people she has sex with.