Svart Död

The director of Death Academy brings us another bad movie, filled with zombies, bad acting and painfully horrible dialogues. A bunch of geology students find an abandoned old mine that they have to investigate. But they're not alone in there ...

En Grav För Jimmy

Micke is a young, criminally charged man trying to escape his past in the most literal sense of word. But once the past is a masked man with a meat cleaver it's easier said than done. Meanwhile, the metal band Malum arrives at the rock club Perrong 23, with mixed feelings, for their first play on a tour. The mystery seals when their roads are crossed, in an orgy of blood and violent chaos. Who is the masked man? What is he looking for? And why does he kill anyone who comes in his way?

Revenge of a Young Wife's Witchcraft 1978

This is a sequel to the film Guna-guna Istri Muda ("A Young Wife's Witchcraft"). The husband, Arifin, realizes his bad behavior and divorces his second wife, Sandra, to go back and live with his first wife, Tati. Sandra is vengeful about the one-sided divorce. She asks for the shaman’s help, to use black magic to destroy Arifin’s family. Chaos ensues in the family, including during a wedding reception of the son. At a critical moment, a savior arrives.

Magic Implants 1989

Permana is a playboy while Nancy is a seductress. Both use black magic against each other. At first, Nancy uses black magic to seduce Permana, to play with him and to leech off his wealth. When he realizes this, Permana uses black magic in turn to try to destroy Nancy by conjuring up a demon.

1013 Briar Lane

In 2008, a real-life mystery began to unfold when a real estate company (name withheld by request) discovered video footage shot in one of its vacant properties. The tapes were acquired by local documentary filmmakers Jarrod Rogan and Haman Movafagh, who began piecing together a series of bizarre instances recorded by a man living in the house. Apparently waiting for his wife and daughter to join him from out of state, the man began documenting strange activity that kept him from sleeping for days on end. The eerie recordings have become the subject of much controversy among paranormal investigators, and are finally being released to the general public. This first documentary from Son of Jason Films challenges audiences to explain what happened in the house on Briar Lane.

Alligator Queen 1983

A mystic is murdered by three of his disciples because they want to learn the skills he picked up from his mentor; a wizard named Resi Tunggal Manik. They reach Resi Tunggal Manik's hideaway, rape his wife and then throw his daughter Dewi in a river. An alligator catches the girl and she's brought to the kingdom at the bottom of the sea ruled by the Alligator Queen. Once a grown Dewi (who has revenge on her mind) and the Alligator Queen see handsome young Linggar (who's actually Dewi's brother!) a power struggle erupts.

Old Building Tenant 1975

Kiki, Aris and their friends play around with a "jailangkung" (a ritual doll that can facilitate communication with the dead) in an old deserted building. That manages to get Kiki possessed by an evil spirit that claims to be a murder victim.

A Pair of Deadly Eyes 1989

After being fired from his job for embezzling, Supandi moves to a remote village with his wife Lia and begins working as a well digger. On one of his jobs he finds the decapitated head of a man who was murdered by some martial arts students. The head possesses him and uses him to get revenge.

The Only House in Town 1970

Based on Ed's book, The Only House, was thought to be just an alternate version of Necromania, which is also based on the book. This has proven to be untrue, although it appears to have been unfinished. According to Rudolph Grey: "Wood evidently began as director but was replaced by producer-cameraman Saul Resnick. In his resume, Wood tales screenplay credit. Uschi Digard did not remember shooting this 1970 1-day wonder, although she has extensive dialogue."

If Looks Could Kill 1987

Private eye George accepts the job to shadow a woman and to film her on video. But it's a set-up: the film is manipulated and used against him when the woman is killed. He has to prove his innocence against a load of circumstantial evidence.

Dragula 1973

Homosexual vampire movie that pits Dracula's two sons against each other. One's a dumb but loveable "good" guy and the other, an evil narcissistic power mad alpha-male.

The Revenge of Two Exorcists 1975

THE REVENGE OF THE TWO EXORCISTS (1975) is another rarity; this one from Lai Sheng Ying, a cinematographer turned director. Based on a Chinese folk tale, according to the article, all the stars are new faces and a portion of the film was shot in Japan.

The Forest Whispers

An isolated village affected by a curse is facing misery and it has been condemned to an undeniable fate. The uncompromising commune chief who has ruled the village for years has denied the request of his people to migrate to other lands in search of better luck. He took away their only lifeline: Hope. But one night, the prayers of a spiritual leader are heard by a mighty tree in the forest. The following day, a young mysterious woman appears on a nearby river shore. To the surprise of the villagers, the chief decides to give her a seven-day trial to see if she could be useful to the community. From that day on, a series of strange events began to happen, leaving the villagers to wonder whether if this strange woman is their savior or their executioner.

A Deusa de Mármore 1978

A 2000-year-old woman has a pact with the devil to preserve her youth. She must extract the essence of life from the people she has sex with.

POE 4 - The Black Cat

Following up the successful trilogy "P.O.E.", some of the most original international indie directors bring the tales of Edgar Allan Poe to life.


One day, Fumiko Tashiro runs into Ryota Saeki - an old acquaintance from college - outside the municipal library where she works. Brought together by chance, they find themselves drawn to one another, and before long they are set to get married. They make their preparations for the wedding, envisioning their happy future together. But all the while, Ryota is troubled by his own secret ability to see the dead.

Reckless Ghost Love 1984

An older man is surprised when a beautiful young woman is drawn to him. Turns out it IS too good to be true as she's a monster.