Hantu Cantik Kok Ngompol?

Adult Movie "Hantu Cantik Kok Ngompol" tells the story of four female college students who are majoring in breeding and are now continuing their education at the Livestock Research Center (PPP) located in remote and remote areas of the city. One day the way to the school broke up.

Bride in Hell 1965

The film Bride in Hell (1965) is an adaption of The Mistress from Melynn, a 1960 novel by Victoria Holt. The story begins when a yacht is lost at sea. Then a telephone call between male protagonist Wang Yiming (Ke Junxiong) and his cousin Gao Fengjiao (Liu Qing) reveals that Wang’s wife has perished while eloping with a neighbor. After female protagonist Bai Ruimei (Jin Mei) learns that her older sister Ruiyun – Wang’s wife – has died, Ruimei changes her identity and applies for a job as a tutor to Wang’s daughter Shuyuan in a bid to solve the mysteries surrounding her sister’s death.

The Amityville Murders

On the night of November 13th, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. took a high powered rifle and murdered his entire family as they slept. At his trial, DeFeo claimed that 'voices' in the house commanded him to kill. This is their story.

House of Horror 1929

House of Horror is a 1929 American comedy-horror mystery film directed by Benjamin Christensen. The film stars Louise Fazenda and Chester Conklin and was released in both a silent and sound version which featured a Vitaphone soundtrack with talking sequences, music and sound effects. Both the silent and sound versions of House of Horror are now presumed lost.

The Professor 1958

A Communist agent planted in America creates werewolves in order to start a panic in the U.S. that will lead to a Communist takeover.

Nachtgestalten 1920

"Night people". Thomas Bezug, the richest man in the world, is a solitary, domineering and cruel cripple, who hardly can move on his crutches. He dwells a fanatical love for his son, whom he holds like a monkey in a cage. His servants are defaced dwarfs. His secretary is trying to steal Bezugs assets. These are the night people.

Karishika 1996

The movie displays how Satan eats his way into the souls of the living. To recruit new followers for his kingdom of darkness he sends out Karishika, queen of demons, to the world of the living. There she misguides and seduces a number of people, who all fall prey to her because of their own shortcomings. All but the last fall for the temptation of either the fulfilment of their desperate wishes, or money, or sex. The last, a pastor, resists all temptation and is saved from hell through divine intervention in a final showdown between a Pentacoastal congregation and Karishika and her helpers.

Igodo: The Land of the Living Dead 1999

This tale that takes place in a village where people are dying randomly. The Igwe calls a meeting of the elders and the witch doctor. One elder has a story to tell: The story of Amadioha. The secrets of the story hold the key their misfortune.


A young couple, coping with the death of their only son, must solve the mystery of a malevolent spirit haunting their house.