The Tin Soldier 1986

This timeless tale written by Hans Christian Andersen tells the comic adventures of a tin soldier accidentally knocked off the toy shelf, and of two lovable, lonely mice who inadvertently place the soldier in danger, then set out to rescue him and return him to the music box ballerina.


Tao-Tao the baby rabbit has arguments with their friends, then discovers echoes.

Data Driven: The Story of Franz K 1993

A very early animated study by the future Oscar winning animator Chris Landreth. Here we see the roots of Landreth's approach of perverting the latest high end 3D animation to fabricate Kafkaesque, jigsaw monsters with jarring incongruities.

Wishful Thinking 1990

Two friends have high hopes for a party, arrive much too early, meet no-one but an awful lech, witness a suicide attempt by the hostess and find themselves as usual, mostly interested in the buffet...

Moanologue 1990

A girl decides that the problem with her relationship with her boyfriend is him - listing all the things he doesn't do - buy gifts, look happy to see her, give her compliments etc etc - when he finally storms off she has a change of heart...

Dissipative Dialogues 1982

Black calligraphic line reveals a series of evanescent encounters between a man and a woman, ending finally in a kiss.