Master of Ceremonies 1987

A house burns to the ground and the occupants perish. As the fire rages through the house, the family's efforts to escape are futile. Doors, walls, objects stand in the way. As the dying transform into spirits, the voices of the house resonate. Before they head to wherever it is spirits go, death decides to put on a nice little vaudeville show to cheer up the recently dead. Only in death do we truly silence ourselves.

A Film on Family Planning 1979

The letters KB refer to the official term `Keluarga Berencana’, i.e. `Family Planning’. This is a “Non KB” film. A spontaneous vision on the introduction of family planning.

Le chien mélomane 1973

In Paul Grimault's satire of the arms trade, the dealer is alerted to the breakout of war by a signal on his map, so travels in turn to each of two warring countries (his journey is traced for us on the map), selling to each the means of destroying its neighbour. —The Cine-Tourist

Particle Dreams 1988

Dream sequences created using 3D particle systems techniques. Behavior rules are applied to thousands of individual particles to model complex phenomena such as an explosion, a snowstorm, a tumultuous head, and a waterfall. A Connection Machine CM-2 computer was used to perform physical simulations on thousands of particles simultaneously, one processor for each particle.

An Artist 1994

In this short animation, a girl is so carried away by her love of music that she forgets about her household chores. Her father tells her to finish the dishes. Instead of washing them, she turns them into musical instruments, and he finally recognizes her talent. Based on Article 29 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, this film illustrates children's right to develop their talents and abilities to their fullest potential.

fun on mars 1971

"I made this film when I went to the San Francisco Art Institute, after graduating from Smith a semester early. It was my reaction to California. "Sweeping the Clouds Away" is sung by Charles "Buddy" Rodgers, who was Mary Pickford's husband. huh? who? The doctored photo was of an astronaut on the moon-- I thought he looked like a duck and made him one. From 1971... yikes!"