Shutter Bug 1963

Glamorous screen star Woody Woodpecker is constantly beset by a publicity photographer who wants to take his picture. Finally, Woody gets away for a vacation in the woods, thinking that he has escaped the bright lights and publicity men for a while. However, who shows up but the pesky photographer? Woody tries a number of tricks to get rid of the photographer, including setting a grizzly bear on him. In the end, the photographer gets back at Woody with a cannonball in the rear end.

The Magic Pen 1946

A western occupation propaganda film in which a boy repairs a western style doll that comes to life and uses a magic pen to rebuild his bleak and war torn world into a happy place resembling western civilization.

Scratching and Painting on Film 1968

A stream of consciousness experiment committed directly to celluloid, Jarnow pays homage to Stan Brakhage and Harry Smith. Abstract designs transform self portraiture, lettering tests and images traced from other films including a Charlie Chaplin short.

Dustbin Parade 1942

The film is designed to encourage recycling - which was a key part of the war effort.

Contrepied 1966

An animated short featuring a man struggling with a noisy pair of shoes.

Dancing Songs 1966

Short animation inspired by traditional folk songs, telling the story of a young boy torn between two potential brides, one rich and one poor.

Mischievous Mice 1934

This short opens showing numerous mice eating all the food in Honey's kitchen and ruining everything in her house. She tires valiantly to run them off but they outsmart her. She makes a phone call and Cubby appears at her door. The mice make quick work of him too. Only a fat cat is able to temporarily stop them but they soon turn on him too. Cubby comes to the aide of the cat but the mice outsmart the both of them. In the end the mice have run off the cat, Honey is gone, and Cubby sits dazed on the floor as the mice cheer their victory.

Brave Pak 1953

Based on Korean folk tales. Every year a terrible Dragon flies over the distant mountains and burns fields of the industrious farmer Pak. The peasant is convinced that it is possible to overcome the Dragon only with courage and strength. Overcoming numerous obstacles, Pak pulls out a magic sword and, after reaching the lair of the Dragon, summons him to battle.